Group Coaching Course


Want to accelerate your trading from the beginning?


Join the Group Coaching Course and be guided through a proven method that works.


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The course is comprised of four sections:


Virtues of a Master: Everything is connected. Your trading will be a reflection of your personality, but first, you have to know what to look for. Virtues of a Master is a recipe for learning new skills and in this case, we will be applying it to trading the market.


  • We will be talking about the many bad habits of beginner traders and how to identify yours.

  • Once identified, we discuss very specific recipes to beat them.

  • You will be setting up your own Trading Virtues at this time as well. 


Group 1: The Market is very important to traders.

  • Discuss the importance of the Market as it pertains to your trading. 

  • Learn how to effectively use the Market to leverage your trades for consistent profits.


Group 2: Volume is the key to interpreting trends.

  • We will be covering the important and effects of volume in trends. 

  • We will also be covering when to get into and out of trades in this section as well.


Group 3: Resistance Awareness

  • Learn where prices are likely to hit resistance and support.

  • We will put it all together and cover how to use all Groups here for consistent success.


Once we are through with the basics we will be moving into Master Classes for the rest of the month. This is when we polish your strategy and transition you into the Live Market. By the end of the course, you will know your tendencies and how to mitigate them. You will also know your exact strategy and be able to apply it to live trading.


This 1 month course costs $1,100 USD