About Training


Don't know where to start?


Learning any new system can be confusing. That's why we include regular basic group training almost every week all year long. You will learn how to use the system, where everything is and how to get your settings dialed in.





















We also show you how to take advantage of filters so you can be sure that trades meet your criteria. By the end of a cycle (1 month), you will know how to use the system and where to go to get what you want. If you forget, don't worry. The training cycle starts over every month and we consistently post videos and blog articles about the many functions of the system. At the end of the Basic Coaching Course, you will always know which door to open.

















At the end of the day, this is about getting better. Being a trader is a great way to make a living, control your finances, save for retirement or whatever your goals are. Our system is second to none but does require practice. Our Basic Coaching Course is included in your membership fee and runs every week of the month. They start over at the beginning of each month. Come to as many of the classes as you want. You can sign in from anywhere with internet access and learn wherever you are. 

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