Private Coaching

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One on One Coaching Course
For serious traders only!


  • Personalized training focused on the basics of successful trading.

    • Topics will include:

      • Virtues of a Master

      • How you can create systemic alignment in your life and trading

      • Systems theory Training

      • Trading mindset 

      • Pre-trade rituals that work

      • How to see the market 

      • What is the market and how does it pertain to your trading

      • How to use the market to leverage you trading successfully

      • How to use the momentum of trends to you optimize your trading for low stress and high returns

      • Understand where and why stock start trending and stop trending

      • Filters development

      • Four Trading Laws that keep your trading playful and low stress 

      • How to practice for the best most realistic results that fit your personality 

      • How to get into the live market systematically so you understand the risks and use them to your advantage

      • How to apply these methods to any skill you want to improve in

      • Many intangible tools that carry over in all aspects of life 

  • The Course will be:

    • 12 sessions 

      • Two meetings per week 

  • You will get personalized training that highlights your strengths and develops your weaknesses. By the end of the course, you will know your tendencies and how to mitigate them. You will also know your exact strategy and be able to apply it to live trading.


This Course costs $2,995 USD