A systems approach to trading and communicating with like-minded individuals. Membership in our trading club gives you access to our world-class trading platform, exclusive community, and coaching support.

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Coached by a Special Operations Forces combat veteran

Trader Genius Club Bylaws

In accordance with Club standards, every member will be subject to the following standards to maintain the best possible experience for all:



Physical and intellectual property of Trader Genius is intended for qualifying members only. It is neither to be duplicated nor shared with unqualified personnel without expressed written consent.


Members are expected to be truthful and forthcoming. All communication will be conducted with honest intent.



Taking ownership for one’s actions is expected of all members. Trader Genius embraces a culture of personal and professional growth.


We treat fellow members as we would expect to be treated: with dignity and regard for their value as human beings. Any harassment and/or discrimination against other members, for any reason, will not be tolerated.

Any violation of the preceding bylaws may result in suspension/revocation of membership.   



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