S.P.E.A.R. Program

Spouses - Let's face it spouses get the short end of the stick when it comes to a life married to anyone under  the armed forces or emergency services umbrella. Mission first family a distant second when duty calls. From having to move around from base to base or having your loved one on call or out at random times due to rotating schedules or ever changing shift work. It's hard to nail down a job and some times down right exhausting having to start over and over with a new career. Here at Trader Genius we get that and want to teach you how to trade. This has afforded many people the  opportunity to work from home, stay flexible for the mission, generate income and wealth all while being able to handle the kid/life shuffle. 

Police - Law enforcement are out in every environment protecting us, half the time from ourselves. Without you  showing up and answering the call day in and day out chaos would surely run through the streets. Depending on where you are and the agency you work for there is a need to supplement your income. Most of the time this is picking up extra shifts, working an extra detail or moonlighting some where else. All this takes time away from the family and other activities you enjoy in life and would like to do more of. You don't get the cush schedules like the fire department. I can only say this cause I've spent time on both sides of the house. At the end of the day more money requires more time away from family. Here a Trader Genius we will show you a different way. To trade with minimal time commitment, generate income and be home with the ones you love the most. Doing more of what you want.


Emergency responders - (EMT's and Fire) Tired of all the heavy lifting? Let our software do the heavy lifting for you. Your agency's policy may not let you refuse calls but our software refuses any stocks or options that don't make the cut. Limiting the amount of work needed to find financial peace of mind. Day in and day out with bodily fluids and crazy people may be a source of fun for you but you don't want to bring that home. Keep the crazy out of your house kick back in your slippers with a cup of joe and trade your way. Our world class platform is easier to use then dragging a hose or trying to thread a vein in a moving vehicle. Our method and strategy doesn't require that you stare at screens all day just when it works for you and your shifts.  


Active duty military - Whether you are deployed or stateside Trader Genius has got your back period. We know at a high level what it takes and the realities of active duty life because we have served as well. You may not have the ability to fire up your computer and trade options every morning because your day of work starts early. Not to worry our stock and investment lists are second to none and will allow you to trade stocks with minimal time commitment and easy to read charts with obvious indicators. On top of this, if you sign up for coaching we will remain flexible with your schedule and goals working around the mission to put you in the gunners seat when it comes to the market. Put your money to work while you are working hard to protect your country.

Retired/separated military - If you have been separated for a while or are just transitioning it doesn't    matter here at Trader Genius we will support you to get you where you want to be. If you are getting out and looking for a stream of income whether you are attending school, starting a new job or want to create a stay at home business with trading we can train and dial you in. If you have been out for a while and are solidly on the fast track in your career, no problem we will meet you where you are at. Sign up for the coaching and we flex around your day to allow you to stay operational. How does trading options an hour a day and stocks an hour or two a week sound. To good to be true? Not here at Trader Genius we have veterans doing exactly that. "Retired" in their thirties creating the life they want. This isn't get rich quick, but it is about consistent gains over time generating income and wealth allowing you to enjoy what matters most.