Be a Trading Genius

Trader Genius is built from the ground up with the best the industry has to offer. It features exclusive, one-of-a-kind tools that make trading accessible, intuitive, and responsive.


Long-Term, Short-Term, Day Trading, Stock, Options. Whatever your flavor is, Trader Genius has what you need.


Only the best information the industry has to offer. Good information is critical for any good trader. We make sure you are set up for success.

Flexible Layout

Trading your way. Make your platform optimized for your style of trading.

Super Simple

We do the heavy lifting for you. Only the best stocks from over 6,000 make our list. You simply choose what criteria you want to see.

Easy Buy/Sell Buttons

With our buttons, you have the best chance of getting the prices you want as fast as possible.

Time and Money

Trading your time for money is never a good trade.  Learn how to use your money to free up more time.